A social movement dedicated to ensuring opening weekend success of Latinx films and TV series. By streamlining bulk ticket purchases and increased viewership.

A buyout is purchasing an entire theater auditorium. In most theaters, this is 30+ tickets. Capacity is dependent on individual theater's capacities.

The opening weekend is the most crucial window to determine the viability of the film. It will determine how long studios keep the movie in theaters. By debuting #1 at the box office, it will prove Latinx content is commercially successful and more underrepresented stories will get produced.

There are three options:

  1. You can contribute to NALIP to host a community screening through our donation page.
  2. Purchase a theater for 30+ tickets through AMC Theaters with locations around the country.
  3. Check your local theater's website for a private theater.

Please check the step-by-step guide on how to fill out the AMC online form for hosts interested in booking a AMC Theater.

By inputting your ideal amount of tickets that you would like to distribute, AMC will be able to offer you a close match based on the selected theater's capacity abilities.


For example: Inputting 120 seats at AMC Century City 15. AMC will notify you the closest match to your request.

We understand it can be overwhelming being the host of a screening. Your donation to #LatinxGoldOpen will allow NALIP to obtain a theater and invite its extended network.

Yes, some members of the movement have partnered with organizations to contribute. We ask to designate one person as the point of contact.

You can purchase tickets at your local theater. Remember opening weekend is when it counts! Make sure to use the social hashtag #LatinxGoldOpen to show your support.

Multicultural leaders are donating to NALIP for buyouts to serve communities. Please check out NALIP's newsletter and social media for opportunities to RSVP to special screenings.

Yes, by purchasing tickets, together we can show Hollywood that this is the type of content we want to see.

#LatinxGoldOpen is partnered with AMC Theaters for host buyouts. AMC has theaters around the country. Please fill out the AMC online form to understand where you would like to host your screening and how many tickets you would like to distribute.

If you prefer a local theater, please reach out to the theater's representative via their website.

Please email [email protected] if you have additional questions.