AMC Theaters Online Form Assistance

Please follow the step-by-step guide on how to fill out the AMC online form for hosts interested in booking a AMC Theater.


A "Full buyout" includes auditorium and # of tickets requested. If you would like to include special amenities such as microphones, director chairs, onscreen ads, audio/visual add-ons, et cetera.


Please select the opening weekend dates of the project you are interested in supporting.


Hosts that are associated with an Organization or company, please input the name, in "Organization Name".

This contact information is for the designated point-of-contact for billing of the screening.


Select a time you would like the screening to start. Access to the auditorium is 15-minutes before start time. If you need more time, please mention to the AMC rep after they contact you to confirm.

Browse the list of AMC theater locations to select your preferred venue.

Please input an approximate number of tickets you would like to purchase for your screening*. 

Type the Latinx movie you would like to screen in "Preferred Movie".

*Auditoriums may be operating at limited capacities during COVID-19. Capacities may vary per location.


Hosts can choose to offer pre-paid concession combos like popcorn and soda, or other food items to guests. Or choose to pre-purchase gift cards for guests to use at their screening.

You can request a VIP concessions line for your guests. If you are booking at a popular location with a large guest count, this may be helpful in alleviating congestion.