About #latinxgoldopen

#GoldOpen is a community movement of passionate fans, influencers, and leaders dedicated to ensuring the opening weekend success of multicultural films. 

For the first time, NALIP representing the Latinx communities, and Gold House representing the AAPI communities, have joined together in supporting inclusive films to prove representation means gold. The opening weekend is the most critical time window for film and television projects to guarantee their vitality. #LatinxGoldOpen will increase awareness of premieres through an extensive network of influencers and bring together audiences to guarantee success. 

In the past, the AAPI (Asian American and Pacific Islander) community has engaged over thousands of audience members, garnered over 1+ billion online impressions, and contributed to $15+ million of dollars on opening weekends in official Gold House theater buyouts.

News coverage: Variety | The Hollywood Reporter | Official Press Release

Why? State of Latinx in the Industry:

  • 4.5% Of Overall Latinx Characters across 47,268 characters in 1,200 films
  • 3% of films with Latinx leads/co lead
  • 1 of 1,335 Directors was a Latina
  • Latinx contribute $1.7 trillion in consumer spending | 23% of movie tickets sold